Sea Coral on Ocracoke - Time for a Change

First, I want to sincerely thank all of my guests over the past nine years who have chosen to spend their vacation in my home.  I trust you’ve enjoyed it and you’ve helped me get to the point where I can make this change.  Sea Coral will no longer be available as a vacation rental because I am preparing to move into the house full time in 2017.  My 20 years in Texas have been great, but, I’m ready to move on to new adventures and am very much looking forward to becoming a full time member of the Ocracoke community.  If you’re visiting the island, I’d love to meet any former guests who choose to stop by.  I’ll continue to appear on WOVV with my regular show, Down Creek Blues, and I’ll probably be doing some additional programming as well.  Some of you might also be interested in the business I’m planning for the new space out back.  Check it out next summer!